Apsara's two principals, Adam Ross and Joe Velasquez, each have over eleven years of experience in graphic design working for a large range of companies and clients.

adam ross

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Adam entered the design industry in 1999 with several freelance jobs in website and logo design. He received a BFA in Graphic Design before working at a design studio in Virginia, followed by a senior design position for the federal government, and continues to expand his professional experience with Apsara. His extensive travel abroad is a major influence on his creative process and culinary preferences. He especially enjoys eating falafel in the Adams Morgan neighborhood of DC and dreams of a restaurant that successfully combines Indian and Mexican food.

joe velasquez

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Originally from Mexico, Joe grew up in Texas for the first 19 years of his life. He then moved to the DC area where he attended every other university in town. It was then that he discovered that computer science and medicine was not where he belonged; he eventually received a BFA in Graphic Design. Joe has worked for the federal government, waiting tables, design firms and as a freelance designer. An avid photographer and mixed media painter, Joe's main passions are art, food, travel, and criticizing terribly-designed ads in DC Metro trains.

ryan dryden

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Hailing from Southeastern Virginia, as evidenced by his slight twang, Ryan lived in DC for many years before moving to the hills and valleys of Western Maryland. He started getting sliver hair in late teens – and yes, it’s silver and not gray. He has worked in customer service 20+ years.

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