creative / direction / design

fee schedule

Cancellation Fees
Prior to completion of any comps 
40% of Project Budget total*

Prior to completion of final round of designs 
60% of Project Budget total*

After the final designs are turned in 
100% of Project Budget total*

*Plus all expenses of production as well as related expenses including but not limited to illustration, photography, travel, models, props, postage, and messengers used thus far, to be charged in full.


Other Fees
Advance deposit
50% of Project Budget total

Generally, the client pays an advance against the total fee. The remainder of the fee is paid upon completion of the project when the finished designs are delivered. For smaller projects (<$1,000), we may decide to waive the advance for your convenience.

Cost of expenses
Retail + 20%

Reimbursement for all expenses of production including but not limited to: illustration, photography, travel, models, props, postage, and messengers.

Hourly rate for all work not included in the project budget

Used when calculating final invoice; only applies to additional work not covered in the scope of the Project Budget. Times will be rounded up to the nearest quarter hour increment and there is a minimum charge of one quarter hour per round.

Late payment surcharge
1.5% of final cost, monthly

See Terms of Service for payment schedule.

Non-standard design surcharge
50% of final design cost

Our standard professional design software includes: Adobe Creative Suite: Illustrator, Photoshop, Flash, InDesign, and Dreamweaver. Design requested in a non-standard software including but not limited to: Microsoft products, open-source software, and obviously dated versions of standard design software will incur a fee. Designing in substandard software adds a lot of time to accomplish the same tasks.

Rush fee
50% – 100% of final cost

The deadline requested is a “rush project” as determined by the designer; client will be notified before the project is started.

Source files transfer
50% of final cost; please inquire so we may work the cost into your Project Budget.

Transfer of source files during or after a project is not standard practice in our industry. Why? When you contract for designs, you are paying for the license to use them, not the ownership of the copyright. It’s the same way as when you buy a song or movie or font, you don’t own the content, you are only buying the right to use it. Or when you go to a restaurant and buy food, the chef doesn’t give you the recipe. It also helps us reduce your costs because most clients don’t need ownership of the copyright. Our grant of usage rights (see section 2 of Terms of Service), unlimited, exceeds industry standards.

In the event that Client wishes to receive the original/source files used to create the Designs: (A) The Client must request the source files; (B) The Client agrees not to modify, redistribute, or reuse the Designs if in violation of the Grant of Usage Rights (see section 2 of Terms of Service); (C) The Client agrees to pay an extra fee based on a percentage of the final project cost. At this time, full copyright ownership of the original/source files is transferred to the Client (see section 8 Terms of Service).

The ownership of removable electronic storage media and of original artwork, including but not limited to sketches, design comprehensives and any other materials created in the process of making the final Designs as well as illustrations or photographic materials such as transparencies, shall remain with the Designer unless the Client pays for the transfer of these files.